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TL084 Quad JFET Input Operational Amplifier (Op-Amp) IC DIP-14 Package

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The TL084 JFET-input operational amplifier family is designed to offer a wider selection than any previously developed operational amplifier family. Each of these JFET-input operational amplifiers incorporates well-matched, high-voltage JFET and bipolar transistors in a monolithic integrated circuit. The devices feature high slew rates, low input bias and offset currents, and low offset-voltage temperature coefficient.


• Low Power Consumption: 1.4 mA/ch Typical

• Wide Common-Mode and Differential Voltage Ranges

• Low Input Bias Current: 30 pA Typical

• Low Input Offset Current: 5 pA Typical

• Output Short-Circuit Protection

• Low Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.003% Typical

• High Input Impedance: JFET Input Stage

• Latch-Up-Free Operation

• High Slew Rate: 13 V/μs Typical

• Common-Mode Input Voltage Range

• Includes VCC+


Parameter Specification
Number of channels (#) 4
Total supply voltage (Max) (+5V=5, +/-5V=10) 30
Total supply voltage (Min) (+5V=5, +/-5V=10) 7
Rail-to-rail In to V+
GBW (Typ) (MHz) 3
Slew rate (Typ) (V/us) 13
Vos (offset voltage @ 25 C) (Max) (mV) 6
Iq per channel (Typ) (mA) 1.4
Vn at 1 kHz (Typ) (nV/rtHz) 18
Rating See Data Sheet
Operating temperature range © 0 to 70, -40 to 85, -40 to 125
Offset drift (Typ) (uV/C) 18
Input bias current (Max) (pA) 200
CMRR (Typ) (dB) 86
Output current (Typ) (mA) 10


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