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74LS96 IC – (SMD Package) – 5-Bit Shift Register IC (7496 IC)

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The 74LS96 is a  shift registers consist of five RS master-slave flip-flops connected to perform parallel-to-serial or serial to parallel conversion of binary data. Since both inputs and outputs for all flip-flops are accessible parallel-in/parallel-out  serial in/serial out operation may be performed.

All flip-flops are simultaneously set to a low Output level by applying a low, level voltage to the clear input while the preset is inactive (low). Clearing is independent of the level of the clock input.

The register may be parallel loaded by using the clear input in conjunction with the preset input. After clearing all stages to low output levels. data to be loaded is applied to the individual preset inputs (A. B, C, D, and E) and a high level load pulse is applied to the preset enable input. Presetting like clearing is independent of the level of the clock input.

Transfer of information to the outputs occurs on the positive-going edge of the clock pulse. The proper information must be set up at the RS inputs of each flip-flop prior to the rising edge of the clock input waveform. The serial input provides this information to the first flip-flop, while the outputs of the subsequent flip-flops provide information for the remaining inputs. The clear input must be and the preset or preset enable inputs must be low when clocking occurs.


Symbol Parameter Min Type Max Units
VCC Supply Voltage 4.5 5 5.25 V
TA Operating Ambient Temperature Range 0 70 °C
IOH Output Current — High –400 m A
IOL Output Current — Low 8 m A


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