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L6219 Stepper Motor Driver IC DIP-24 Package

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The L6219 is a bipolar monolithic integrated circuits intended to control and drive both winding of a bipolar stepper motor or bidirectionally control two DC motors. The L6219 with a few external components form a complete control and drive circuit for LS-TTL or microprocessor controlled stepper motor system. The power stage is a dual full bridge capable of sustaining 46 V and including four diodes for current recirculation. A cross conduction protection is provided to avoid simultaneous cross conduction during switching current direction. An internal pulse-width-modulation (PWM) controls the output current to 750 mA with peak startup current up to 1 A. Wide range of current control from 750 mA (each bridge) is permitted by means of two logic inputs and an external voltage reference. A phase input to each bridge determines the load current direction. A thermal protection circuitry disables the outputs if the chip temperature exceeds safe operating limits.


  • Able to drive both windings of bipolar stepper motor
  • Output current up to 750 mA each winding
  • Wide voltage range: 10 V to 46 V
  • Half-step, full-step and microstepping mode
  • Built-in protection diodes
  • Internal PWM current control
  • Low output saturation voltage
  • Designed for unstabilized motor supply voltage
  • Internal thermal shutdown


Parameter Value Unit
Vs Supply voltage 50 V
IO Output current (peak) +-1 V
IO Output current (continuous) +-0.75 V
Vss Logic supply voltage 7 A
Vin Logic input voltage range -0.3 to 7 V
Vsense Sense output voltage 1.5 W
Tj Junction temperature 150 °C
Top Operating temperature range -20 to 85 °C
Tstg Storage temperature range -55 to 150 °C


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