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MC33078 Dual High Speed Low Noise Op-Amp IC DIP-8 Package

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The MC33078 is a bipolar dual operational amplifier with high-performance specifications for use in quality audio and data-signal applications. This device operates over a wide range of single- and dual-supply voltages and offers low noise, high-gain bandwidth, and high slew rate. Additional features include low total harmonic distortion, excellent phase and gain margins, large output voltage swing with no dead band crossover distortion, and symmetrical sink/source performance.


• Controlled Baseline

• Low Input Offset Voltage 0.15 mV – One Assembly/Test Site, One Fabrication

• Low Total Harmonic Distortion 0.002% Site

• High Slew Rate 7 V/µs

• Enhanced Diminishing Manufacturing Sources

• High-Gain Bandwidth Product 16 MHz (DMS) Support

• High Open-Loop AC Gain 800 at 20 kHz

• Enhanced Product-Change Notification

• Large Output-Voltage Swing 14.1 V to

• Qualification Pedigree (1) –14.6 V

• Dual-Supply Operation ±5 V to ±18 V

• Excellent Gain and Phase Margins

• Low Noise Voltage 4.5 nV/√Hz


Parameter Min Max Unit
Supply voltage (VCC+) 18 V
Supply voltage (VCC-) -18 V
Supply voltage (VCC+ to VCC-) 36 V
Input voltage, either input VCC+ to VCC- V
Input current ±10 m A
Duration of output short circuit Unlimited
Package thermal impedance 97 °C/W
Operating virtual junction temperature 150 °C
Storage temperature range –65 150 °C


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