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Mini SD Card MP3 Sound Module For PIC Arduino WTV020-SD

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This Mini SD Card MP3 Sound Module is a reusable mass storage voice module, can plug a maximum capacity of 1GB SD card memory and can load the WAV and AD4 audio. The voice module uses WTV020SD-20SS as the core chip, with an MP3 control mode, one to one key control mode, power on loop control mode and the two-line serial control mode.

This Mini SD Card MP3 Sound Module For PIC Arduino WTV020-SD-16P has the main chip selection WTV020-16S and WTV020-20S package chips. Voice updates directly through an SD card reader on a PC replacement. Control is also an SD card stored in TXT file changes.

The module supports the FAT file system. Support and ADPCM WAV file playback. Supports two-wire serial control mode, key methods, and UART232 serial manner. Automatic speech recognition and speech sample rate format.


  • Supports the FAT file system SD carrier.
  • Supports the playing of 4Bit ADCPM format files.
  • Recognize the voice files automatically.
  • Support microprocessors and key control.
  • It could be called any paragraph voice playing.
  • Saving operation data when power off.
  • Loadable sampling rate:
    1. 6KHz to 32KHz, the 36KHz sampling rate of AD4 audio.
    2. 6KHz to the 16KHz sampling rate of WAV audio.
  • Loading voice to the SD card without the assistance of software.
  • Support combination playing of the file (including mute combination).
  • Memory contents classified by file.


Operating voltage (v) 2.6 ~ 3.6
Quiescent current (A) 16
Maximum voice storage 512 voice
Audio output 16 bit DAC and PWM
Length (mm) 21
Width (mm) 17.8
Height (mm) 12.5

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