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YL2020 20W plus 20W Class D 12V-24V Mini Digital Power Amplifier Module

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YL2020 20W+20W D Class 12V-24V Mini Digital Power Amplifier Module is simple and mini size class D power amplifier but it has a remarkable audio power output via its dual stereo channel of 20W per channel.

Pin Description:
Lin : Left channel signal input
AGND : Signal ground
RIN : Right channel signal input
GND : power ground
VCC: power positive
FAULT: Fault Indication
MUTE : Mute Control
SD: Shut down Control
RO : Right channel output negative
RO+ : Right channel output positive
LO+ : Left channel output positive
LO- : Left channel output negative

It’s easy to install, with marked terminals and convenient for soldering. You just need to solder everything where it belongs.

If you do not use MUTE, connect FAULT and MUTE together it will mute the amplifier in case of errors.

To enable MUTE, it must be connected to the positive supply voltage VCC (Smaller enough, but it is the easiest way).

The SD input is! SHUTDOWN, no need to plugin, and don’t use it as a mute either, as using it will make your speakers pound.


Amplifier Type Sam class D digital
Output Channel Two-channel (stereo)
Operating Voltage 8v- 24v
Maximum Current consumption 4 A
Static current < 40mA
Input Signal 500 mV
Output Power 20W x 2
Length (mm) 40
Width (mm) 25
Height (mm) 3
Weight (gm) 4

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